Established in 2004 in assocation with the
University of Brighton metal department

Since 2004 Michael Bloomstein Precious Metals have sponsored the
University of Brighton metal department with a prize for graduates
and a gift of silver for use in a project.

Each year the work exhibited is of a high standard and reflects credit
on the students and teachers of the University of Brighton.

The Michael Bloomstein Silver Award May 6th 2014
Plumpton College Jewellery Department

Photo of judges and winners for Michael Bloomstein Silver Award 2014

Judges: Michael Bloomstein; Anton Pruden; Caroline Minogue; Chris Hawkins
Winning students: Thea Larkin; Suwan Rogers; Anna Campbell

Thea Larkin
Prize winner - 2014

Michael Bloomstein Silver Award 2014 - Winner

"I feel extremely honoured to have won the Michael Bloomstein Silver Award against such beautiful competition. The award has not only given me a massive confidence boost, but inspired me to push the design element of my pieces. I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to continue to design and produce silver jewellery. Thank you so much!"

Michael Bloomstein Silver Award 2014 - Runner up

Suwan Rogers
Runner up - 2014

"I've really enjoyed learning jewellery techniques at Plumpton College and have found Cath Laffan to be very knowledgeable and helpful. I'm planning to start up my own business when I leave college and the award of tools will help me in this early stage. It's a real boost for me to know that the professional jewellery judges liked my work."

Michael Bloomstein Silver Award 2014 - Runner up

Anna Campbell
Runner up - 2014

"It was a very pleasant surprise to win this prize of tools and to know that the jewellery judges chose my work, even though the design is not very traditional. Studying at Plumpton College has given me the opportunity to learn jewellery making techniques and design and express myself through metal. I've really enjoyed the process and this award will help me to continue making."

Feedback about the Award in previous years

"The sponsorship is very important to us - the gift of silver for the project is instrumental in introducing the students to silver and establishing their confidence in using it and the prize helps them when they graduate to move into a professional life using silver."

Cynthia Cousens
Senior Lecturer
University of Brighton

"Michael Bloomstein's continuing support and encouragement of Plumpton College helps to create an environment geared towards success for our young and aspiring jewellers."

Cath Laffan

"I'm extremely proud to have won this prize. This award is going to help me to continue creating silver jewellery which I hope to develop when I leave college."

Aiden Beamish
Prize winner - 2013

"It's an amazing opportunity and has definitely encouraged me to continue with my work in silver... The shop has been crucial to my work and I will hopefully be a continuing customer."

Charlotte Stuart
Prize winner - 2009

"Winning the Bloomstein award gave me a huge confidence boost; it helped me to decide that I could pursue a career in silver. The gift of metal meant that I could start work on new pieces straight after my degree and build on the momentum gained at college."

Max Warren
Prize winner - 2006